Chloe Howey is a young girl who faced the ultimate betrayal from her adoptive father. Michelle Sigona has more on Chloe's mission to fight back.

She was born Christina Green, a beautiful young child, full of promise and potential. But the girl named "Christina" is no more. What happened to that girl is the kind of evil no one wants to believe really exists.

"I was beat, I was tortured, I was raped," said Chloe.

Today, the girl once known as Christina goes by Chloe, bearing only a passing resemblance to her former self. She has a 4-year-old child, the second in her lifetime. The first? A baby boy she had when she was just 13.

"I never had that motherly bond with him, even though he grew inside of me," said Chloe. "I never had that connection with him."

The reason for that has everything to do with who the father is -- the same man Chloe called "Dad."

"Michael Hines legally adopted me through the state of Kansas," said Chloe. "I was placed in and out of foster care for quite a while until he fought against the state to get legal rights to me."

He was the biological father of Chloe's two half-siblings, Jessica and Mikey Jr. But he was also a convicted felon.

"Possession, guns, felonies, burglaries," said Chloe.

Then again, Michael wasn't going it alone. He had recently married a woman named Patricia, and together they put on the appearance of a loving family.

"I didn't want to be there," said Chloe. "I was constantly being told to clean the house, do the chores. Whatever they needed, I was supposed to do it."

Like some real-life Cinderella -- but this was no fairy tale, and things were not headed toward a happy ending.

A warning: This next part may be difficult to hear.

"The first time it happened, I know I was asleep," said Chloe. "He just came into my room and he got on top of me and he just shoved my face in the pillow, and he told me that if I didn't want it to keep happening, that I had to be good."

How often was she abused?

"On a daily. Whenever he felt like it," said Chloe.

And it went on like that for years. With no one to turn to, and sworn to secrecy by her abuser, Chloe carried her pain in silence. But there are some secrets that can't be concealed.

When Chloe was about 13, she came to school with a bruised face. Her friend saw her with a black eye.

"And she just kind of said, 'OK, get up, we're going to the counselor,'" said Chloe. "And then when I did, I do remember crying and breaking down to him and telling him everything that was going on in my home, and he said that he was would send a counselor out to my house, and I begged him not to."

When the school day ended, Chloe walked outside expecting to find her so-called parents waiting. But they weren't there.

"When I was walking home from school I thought to myself either, One, I'm in big trouble because I opened my mouth to the counselor. Or Two, he's actually in jail finally for what he did to me."

Though a social worker was sent to the house, according to Chloe, Michael and Patricia were able to convince the worker that she was just a troubled teen spreading lies. Michael remained free.

"When I walked around the corner and I saw him shoveling the driveway, I knew I was in big trouble," said Chloe. "I just took off running as quick as I could, but he just dropped the shovel and he ran and he chased me inside.

"I was crying and I went into the bathroom to grab a tissue," said Chloe. "He grabbed me by the back of my hair and he told me that I was going to learn my lesson, and he slammed my face into the mirror."

Tragically, it was only the beginning.

"He did everything he could to hurt me, that he thought maybe I wouldn't say anything anymore," said Chloe.

For the next three days, Michael kept Chloe home from school, abusing the girl relentlessly. And during every second of her terror, unbeknownst to anyone, Chloe had another life growing inside her.

"I was already pregnant at that point," said Chloe. "I was only 13."

Did Patricia know at that time that Mike was the father of the child?

"I'm sure. There was never no question from her of who the father was," said Chloe.

Chloe fulfilled the pregnancy -- forcefully, according to Chloe.

"I didn't name the baby, they named the baby. They named him Tyler," said Chloe. He was born in 2004.

After that, the entire family moved down the street to a bigger home. But as Chloe grew older, she also grew more defiant.

"One night I chose not to come home from school, and I took the baby and I tried to run away to a friend's house, and he knew exactly where I was," said Chloe. "So he showed up, he had his gun on him."

Fearing for her friend's safety, Chloe grabs Tyler and gets in Michael's truck.

"He was drunk. He was so drunk," said Chloe. "I remember him swerving all over the road, and he reached up and he punched the sunroof out and glass just went everywhere, and I remember covering the baby's face up because I had him in my arms."

As soon as Michael pulled into the driveway, Chloe bolted, barricading herself in her room with Tyler. But the 200-plus-pound man forced his way in.

"He was just in my face screaming and going off," said Chloe. "And I kicked him, and when I did the gun went off, my head happened to be right there and it went past me, it scared me. I remember the ringing to this day of the shotgun going off, and I just took off running."

Straight for the phone.

"When he saw I was already on the phone with the dispatch, he looked at me and he said 'You're dead,'" said Chloe.

Luckily for Chloe, there wouldn't be time to carry out his threat. Though he ran, authorities caught up to him the next day, and finally, Michael Hines Sr., the man responsible for the systematic rape and abuse of his own adopted daughter, was under arrest.

Because of state law at the time, prosecutors were also able to lump some of Michael's previous convictions into his sentencing, and he was given 48 years and three months.

As for Chloe, she changed her name, got adopted by family friend Belinda Howey, and maybe for the first time in her entire life finally felt safe.

Then, just one week before our Crime Watch Daily interview, everything changed.

"On Thursday night I received a text message from Belinda. I then returned her phone call and she was just hysterical, she was crying, she was saying all these things, I couldn't really understand her. All I got was 'Mike' and 'court' and 'Friday,'" said Chloe.

What she found out next would open up some of the deepest of wounds.

"Had I known 10 years ago this was going to happen and I was going to have to go through all of this again, I wish he would have took my life that night," said Chloe. "I honestly do."

Like a lot of young girls, Chloe Howey kept a diary in which she wrote her most private thoughts. But instead of pages filled with teenage crushes and bad poetry, Chloe's diary documented years of rape and torture at the hands of her own adoptive father.

"There was just one night when I had left it open and I could hear him coming. I shoved it under my pillow," said Chloe. "He climbed on top of me and at some point he felt the journal under my pillow. He instantly took it outside and put it on his grill and he lit it on fire."

Then, when Chloe was 16, Michael Hines Sr. was finally arrested after coming at her with a gun. For that, and unrelated crimes including an old burglary charge, he was sentenced to 48 years behind bars.

But now, almost 10 years into his sentence, because of a change in Kansas state law, Michael Hines has a new day in court.

"A big decision that came down in 2015 reclassified one of the defendant's prior convictions as a non-person felony," said Shawnee County Senior Assistant District Attorney Todd Hiatt.

And that opened the door for what's about to happen, what Chloe only learned about a week before this interview.

"Because of the law that had passed, he will be entirely re-sentenced," said Chloe.

"I hope he poops his pants, because that's what he deserves," said Chloe. "I want him to think 'Crap, I didn't want her to show up,' because I know that he knows I can have an influence on his re-sentencing."

The next day, the day of reckoning, though our cameras weren't allowed in the courtroom, Chloe shares with us some of the words she plans to read in front of her abuser.

"I am here to ensure that no one forgets the evil that you are, the evil which is not minimized because only one crime was taken off your record, the evil that will follow me for the rest of my life and the evil that will follow the child conceived through this monster, that evil is you," Chloe says. "You were supposed to be my father, not my rapist. You were supposed to my father, not the father of my child.

"You are here today because you think you have beat the state of Kansas like you used to beat me when I was a child," said Chloe. "I'm here today to tell you that you are dead wrong. You have not won, you never will, and hell has a very special place for you.

"I don't want people to get the wrong signal when I am reading this later, because I am very emotional, but I'm hiding it because I just want him to hear me," said Chloe.

Inside the courthouse the same judge from the first trial listened to Chloe's words, then looked right at Michael, and breaking with his usual protocol, began to lecture the man.

The judge told Michael Hines Sr. his crimes are inexcusable and he violated Chloe's trust as a parent. He gave Michael Hines the opportunity to address the court and especially to address Chloe. Instead Hines chose to say nothing.

Bound by the law, the judge was forced to overturn Michael's previous burglary conviction, cutting his total sentence in half. With time served, that leaves him with just 14 more years behind bars.

"[Hines] has expressed some remorse to me," said Joseph Desch, Michael's attorney. "He doesn't even know why he did what he did, however I didn't think it was in his best interest, he didn't think it was in his best interest to speak today, so he didn't."

"The judge did make, what he could, a fair ruling," said Chloe after the court hearing.

While Chloe goes to gather her thoughts, I catch up with one of her staunchest supporters, Belinda Howey -- the woman who adopted her after Michael's arrest, and is now raising her son.

"For me it takes me back to when they were little and all the pain and all the hurt that they felt," said Belinda Howey, Chloe's adoptive mother.

"Tyler resides with Belinda, my adopted mother," said Chloe. "I knew that Belinda could have gave him tons of things I couldn't have given him. The main thing is love, a motherly love. I know it's not his fault, I absolutely know it's not his fault."

Standing by Belinda's side outside court was another one of her adopted daughters, a young girl named Nevaeh. But like Chloe, she used to have a different name.

Nevaeh Howey is Michael Hines's biological daughter. She said she was one of his victims beginning when she was about 11 or 12 years old. Hines was never charged for anything he did to her because Nevaeh couldn't testify.

Hines is in prison for at least the next 14 years. According to Chloe, Michael Hines Sr. is not the only person who should answer for his actions.

There was one person we couldn't help notice wasn't at Hines's hearing, someone Chloe had talked about the day before: Chloe's adoptive mother, Pat.

"[Patricia] did run off and get remarried instantly, and says she didn't have anything to do with it," said Chloe. "I highly doubt she'd show her face. She wouldn't speak. I'm sure she wouldn't.

"I believe she really absolutely knew about this the entire time," said Chloe.

With such powerful allegations leveled against her, Crime Watch Daily had to give Patricia a chance to respond. So after some deep research, we tracked her down to her address.

"I can tell you that Chloe Christina Green is a liar," said Patricia. "She has a mental disorder."

Pat seemed to be blaming the victim. Surprisingly, after telling Chloe what Pat said, she agreed to meet with her.

A few weeks later, we set up at an undisclosed location. And finally, after nearly 10 years apart, the two come face to face.

"Do you have anything you want to say?" said Chloe.

"Just that I'm sorry that all of this happened to you, and I wish that you felt like that you could've come to me and told me that this was happening," said Patricia.

And with that, things immediately turn contentious.

"I did come to you," said Chloe.

"No you didn't. Christina, you did not tell me. I did not know. Chloe," said Patricia.

"I know differently," Chloe said. "I was the child, I'm the one who spoke, and when I did, you were the one who stated you did not believe me."

And Chloe brought documents, she says, to prove it.

"Everything you keep saying that I lied about, everything is here," said Chloe.

"Hold up, you're saying what you have there is statements that I made in court?" said Patricia.

"There's a statement in here that states, and I want to know if you remember stating it, that I was inappropriate with your husband," said Chloe. "That I tried to kiss him on his mouth. Did you say that?"

"Yes, I remember making that statement," said Patricia. "You were being inappropriate."

"I was being inappropriate. You really believe that?"

"Yes," said Pat.

Pat now admits that was "her mistake." But there are more explosive allegations to come, including that because she couldn't have children herself, Pat may have actually encouraged the birth of Chloe's child.

"Christina -- Chloe -- it wasn't something I wanted," said Patricia.

"If it wasn't something you wanted, why did you ask the nurse to give you pills to produce breast milk?" said Chloe. "It was documented, so please don't say that you didn't say it."

"I did not say that," said Patricia.

"OK, what did you say, 'cause you did say something along those lines, though, correct?" said Chloe. "It may not have been that, but was it something along the lines? We talked about this at the beginning. Nobody's walking away -- we're going to finish."

"Cut, we're done. We're done. We're done. We are done," said Pat.

Pat threatens to leave. But Chloe still has more to say.

"I honestly, listen to me, hear me out before you walk out of the room, because this is serious," said Chloe. "I would have never wasted my time to come down here today to face you and to say what I wanted to say if this wasn't important to me."

After a heated exchange, the two sit back down to speak.

Did Pat ever hit Chloe with her cane or walker?

"No," said Pat.

"You had me cornered and you were physically hitting me," said Chloe.

"Chloe, can we stop this back and forth?" said Pat. "This discussion right now is not getting us anywhere. This is not achieving what I want to achieve right now."

"Tell me what it is you want to achieve," said Chloe.

"This, this -- you're sitting there telling lies on me," said Patricia.

Shortly after that, the two decide to go their separate ways.

We weren't able to ask Pat what she thought of the confrontation, though she continues to deny any prior knowledge of Chloe's abuse, and still says she never abused the girl herself. She has never been charged with any wrongdoing.

Either way, Chloe says she felt heard.

"Well, I'm definitely glad I'm getting to say things that have been on my mind for quite some time, definitely," said Chloe.

What's next for Chloe?

"There's a lot," said Chloe. "There's a lot that needs to be done, there's a lot of people that need to be held accountable."

And more crimes Michael Hines may need to answer to. In an ironic twist, the same change in Kansas law that allowed for a reduction in Michael's sentence may also open the door for new charges.

"One of the things that we've done since then is change the statute of limitations, so now it might be possible for Chloe's sister to have her complaints heard as well," said D.A. Todd Hiatt. "We have a cold case unit here in the office that deals primarily with murders, but agreed to reopen the case and take another look at it."

Crime Watch Daily will stay on that case as it develops.

As for Chloe, the kind of wounds she carries never really heal. But she hopes that by speaking up now, she can help save others.

"If you are at home watching this and you are going through this, and you're scared, turn to somebody. And if you don't have anybody to turn to, turn to me, because I will listen. If you have to find me on Facebook -- it's not hard, and if somebody wants to reach out to me because they're scared and they don't want to tell someone else, I will definitely give them the same guidance that I gave myself to get through what I got through."

If you are a victim of sexual assault or a have a family member who is a victim, visit Rape Abuse & Incest National Network.

UPDATE March 14, 2017:

Crime Watch Daily has learned that Michael Hines Sr. has been moved from state prison to a local jail.

And surprisingly Hines now seems to have at least something to say from behind bars. In an email to Crime Watch Daily, Hines tells our producer, in part:

"All I want now is to do the rest of my time ... as I was incorrectly sentenced to begin with and would appreciate it if everyone would leave me alone. I am paying for my crime."