Crime Watch Daily exclusive interview could dash Bob Bashara's chance at new trial
Bob Bashara

DETROIT -- (CWD) -- Thursday, for the first time ever, Joe Gentz took the stand during Bob Bashara’s hearing to determine his eligibility for a new trial and shared what really happened the night Jane Bashara was murdered.

Gentz’s testimony today in court acknowledged that Bob Bashara put a gun to Gentz’s head and ordered Gentz to kill Jane Bashara. This testimony, in part, reflects what Gentz revealed in an exclusive Crime Watch Daily interview conducted shortly before Thursday’s hearing.

Thursday’s bombshell testimony officially retracts a previous affidavit allegedly signed by Gentz which claimed he acted alone in murder. Since signing the affidavit, Gentz has retracted the contents of the document saying he was coerced into signing it. Thursday’s testimony was the first time Gentz has retracted the contents of this affidavit under oath.