Don't feel sorry for this panhandler: He's phonier than a three-dollar bill.

Gary Thompson is known as the "Bogus Beggar of Kentucky."

Thompson is infamous in the Bluegrass State for pretending he's disabled. He reportedly has a degree in speech pathology and easily imitates the voice of a mentally disabled man.

The wheelchair-hugging huckster is rolling in the dough. Thompson claims he makes six figures, tax-free, from his pathetic panhandling act.

Louisville affiliate WAVE 3 took their cameras undercover to blow the lid off Thompson's sick sob story.

After an explosive confrontation, the greedy grifter got on the bus and looked for easier pickings at a riverfront park filled with families.

Well, Gary Thompson is homeless no more: He's serving a 14-month sentence for passing a bad check, and seven months for assault. And he just pleaded guilty to defrauding the federal government out of disability benefits.

If prosecutors get their wish at his June sentencing, Thompson will live rent-free in the federal pen for at least 27 months.