A man who appeared to have it all -- fancy cars, million-dollar houses, you name it -- was also living a billion-dollar lie.

He's partied with Donald Trump, posed with political heavyweights and rolled big in a celebrity entourage.

Scott Rothstein had the Midas Touch.

"He says, 'Congratulations. You're a millionaire,'" said Rothstein's one-time best friend, Stephen Caputi.

Rothstein is a self-made golden boy with big connections and money to burn.

"We did whatever we wanted to do whenever we wanted to do it," said Caputi

Rothstein was a generous friend who spent his millions as fast as he could earn them.

"It was absolute piles and piles of cash," said Stephen Caputi.

But his billion-dollar house of cards was a stacked deck -- and when it came crashing down, he would bury his closest friends along with him.