The FBI says every 12 seconds, there is a home invasion in the United States. In Montoursville, Pennsylvania, a home invasion has now turned into a missing-person case.

The quiet neighborhoods of the rural Pennsylvania town of Montoursville are the kind of place where you know your neighbors and you don't have to lock your doors.

But early on the cold winter morning of January 27, the lives of Gary and Linda Inch changed forever as two armed men break into their home, bind them with duct tape, rob them and torch the house, leaving the couple to be burned alive.

Incredibly, the couple managed to escape. Linda broke free and ran to a neighbor's home. Gary was saved by firefighters.

But their daughter Michelle was missing. The last time she was seen was just hours before the vicious attack on her parents.

UPDATE 3/21/2016: Pennsylvania body identified as Michelle Inch

Now two men are in custody in connection with the home invasion and arson.

Michael Houseweart turned surrendered to the police and reportedly admitted his involvement in the home-invasion and fire. Cops say he also implicated his friend Brian Vroman.

But detectives say this was no random attack. Houseweart and Michelle Inch were a couple.

The morning of the attack, Michelle and her parents had reported stolen checks to the police, checks that were written and cashed allegedly by Houseweart.

The timing seems to be no coincidence since the Inches had just received more than $35,000 in inheritance money.

Friends believe the two men know more than they are saying.

"Both Michael Houseweart and Brian Vroman, they have information," said Michelle's friend Tammi Knight. "They know where Michelle is and they just downright are being evil and deceitful by not telling us where she's at."

"Michelle was always a positive person," said Michelle's friend Merissa Perna. "She had a smile that lights up the room and a very contagious laugh."

Investigators are feverishly searching for Michelle, even sending divers out to search the water. Police say the evidence against the two men is piling up.

Hours before the break-in at the Inch home, the duo were captured on Walmart security cameras buying duct tape and gloves, and had allegedly used Michelle's car to drive to the store. Michelle's car was found near railroad tracks in a rural area.

After Houseweart turned himself in, investigators found the car had blood spatter, which police say indicates Michelle may have been the victim of foul play.

As the search continues, friends held a vigil to support Michelle and her family.

Police say Houseweart and Vroman are not giving up any information about where Michelle could be.

Houseweart and Vroman were silent going into court, where they waived their right to a preliminary hearing. Neither defendant has entered a plea, but both men are headed to trial to face charges of 43 counts, including attempted homicide, arson, robbery and aggravated assault.

In the meantime, Michelle's parents are recovering from their injuries, but still in agony over their missing daughter.

UPDATE 3/21/2016: Pennsylvania body identified as Michelle Inch

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