Cops get a frantic 911 from a young woman holding her 2-year-old grandson, hiding in the closet trying to escape a madman. By the time police arrive, the house is engulfed in flames.

Four generations of Vivian Chavis's family was wiped out in one night. Her 67-year-old mother, Pauline, was beaten to death; her niece, Missy; her sister Vicki; and Vicki's 2-year-old grandson Delvari; all clubbed and killed in the fire.

Suddenly the Richmond area had a quadruple murder mystery on its hands. It was an unsolved case that hit Washington reporter Anna Cascio straight in the heart. Cascio isn't just a reporter -- she knew and loved Vicki Chavis. Vicki took care of Anna's elderly mother at a senior facility.

Cascio is devastated by the murders of Vicki and her family. She sat down to write a story to let the world know that the life of her friend Vicki mattered.

In this case no one seemed to be looking for the killer. Cascio wasn't going to rest until her friends' murderer was caught. And little more than a year later, the mystery would finally be solved when police got their man.

The alleged killer was identified as Alexander Hill, the ex-boyfriend of Vicki's sister, Vivian. He has not entered a plea, but is now charged with four counts of first-degree murder.

"I wanted to know what happened to a woman I grew to love, and her loved ones, and I wanted just for people to know her name, and to know her story," said Cascio.

Late last year Hill was sentenced to 12 months in jail for violating an order of protection. He is scheduled to return to court in March, charged with four counts of first-degree murder.