Inmate sues Powerball jackpot winners
Powerball winners the Robinsons

via WTIC:

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A former prison inmate is suing one of the winners of last month’s $1.6 billion Powerball jackpot, claiming he chipped in for the winning ticket.

Forbes reports that Jonathan Lee Riches, aka “Jihadi Schitz” is suing the Robinson family in Munford, Tenn., as well as the Multistate Lottery Commission and Powerball in attempt to either stop the payout or direct half the money to Riches.

The handwritten suit alleges that Riches was in contact with the Robinsons’ daughter, and that he’d sent her $20 to give to her parents for Powerball tickets.

Riches alleged the family couldn’t have afforded the tickets otherwise, our affiliate KCPQ reports.

“Now I find out that this Robinson Family won the Powerball and now they refuse to give me my cut of the Powerball,” he wrote.

“… Now the whole Robinson family are going to run around this Earth spending Powerball money that belongs to me.”

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