via WXIX:

PREBLE COUNTY, Ohio -- (WXIX) -- A Preble County Deputy is waiting to be cleared for work, weeks after he was caught in the middle of a freak accident involving a train and a semi.

Captain Brad Moore was parked and directing traffic around a minor accident along U.S. 35 on January 8, when everything went wrong.

"I remember seeing the train hit the trailer and then I felt the impact of the semi rolling up in the bush," recounts Moore.

Moore had been directing traffic around the crash, when a semi crossed a set up nearby train tracks, but then was stopped by the track's gates. He said he stepped out of the way and motioned for the truck to pull forward.

That's when the train came barreling through, crashing into the semi's trailer. The impact sent the semi straight into Moore who was hit by a front wheel.

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