Authorities are investigating a website that solicits people to send in naked pictures of former classmates.

"Do you have any naked pictures of Rachel?" That's the question some sicko is asking online.

Model Rachel Camden, 27, says someone hacked her private pictures and used them as bait for the so-called "naked yearbook."

Camden shares her life online, posting snaps of her activities on Instagram and other social media sites. Now she claims someone who remembered her as the cute blond in school is reposting her pics and asking others for naked pictures.

So what's going on? The answer may be in the pages of an online yearbook from a high school 3,000 miles away.

Click on the links and you'll find hundreds of nude photos of current and former students from dozens of high schools posted by anonymous users.

Rachel Camden is not alone. She is one of the many young women who may not know that their faces are being used in the "naked yearbook" to solicit much more provocative photos.

One young woman called "Elaine," who doesn't want her real name revealed, says she wasn't aware someone used her Facebook profile photo as bait for nude pictures, until Orlando affiliate WKMG brought it to her attention.

Elaine says the naked yearbook shows a nude photo of an old friend taken when she was in junior high school. If that's true, it would be child pornography in any state.

The website is like a sick game of revenge porn: users cruising social media asking for nude images of these women.

Someone posts a naked picture, and the user gets points, which moves up their posts to the top of the page.

Cyber-security expert Elissa Shevinsky from Brave Software says the naked yearbook appears to be a website distributing child pornography, and the feds might already be monitoring it.

"It's possible that this site is being run by the FBI right now," said Shevinsky. "The FBI will take over a site so they can locate the subscribers, the posters, the people interacting with the site, and prosecute them."

And that's exactly what "Elaine" and Camden want: the site shut down, the perverts prosecuted.