Abigail Kemp is a gorgeous model vamping over the Atlanta skyline. She's a former Hooters restaurant waitress and a lingerie-wearing football star. But if you believe the feds, Kemp is anything but a model citizen. They call her a gun-wielding jewel thief.

The 24-year-old Southern stunner cried as she was led off to jail, accused of pulling off a brazen series of jewelry heists across the Southeast.

Kemp's family and friends said nothing to Crime Watch Daily Atlanta affiliate WGCL as they entered the federal court, where she made her first appearance.

The feds say that Kemp boldly stared straight into a surveillance camera during one of her alleged jewelry store jobs.

Authorities say Kemp enters the store when it opens, asks to see a piece of jewelry, and when the clerk pulls it out, she pulls a gun. She then allegedly takes the employees into a back room, orders them to lie down on the floor, and zip-ties their hands. Then the suspect locks the front door and goes to work.

On the video from another store you can see the scantily clad criminal filling a bag with loot.

The feds say Abigail Kemp has ripped off more than $2 million worth of bling at stores in five Southern states: Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida.

Kemp has an extensive resume to go with her alleged jewel thievery. She even tried out as a quarterback for the Atlanta Steam in the Lingerie Football League.

Kemp allegedly called the plays on the jewel hits too, working with alleged accomplice Lewis Jones, who's accused of acting as the lookout in the string of robberies. The FBI says the pair could be part of a larger jewelry theft operation.

How did they catch Kemp? The feds say her cellphone pinged towers at or near all the robbery locations.

Despite all her alleged temporary wealth, Kemp asked to have a court-appointed attorney represent her.

If she's convicted she could face 20 years in a federal penitentiary.