Rashan Webb, a.k.a "DJ Frosty," is known for spinning the coolest raps to north New Jersey teenagers. But he has allegedly swindled the good people in his New Jersey neighborhood out of thousands of dollars.

"He solicited us for a Target commercial, a holiday Target commercial, which each child was asked to pay $150," said Takeisha Stewart.

DJ Frosty asked the parents to pay him money to appear in the so-called advertisement.

On real commercial shoots, you do not pay them. They pay you.

Takeisha Stewart says Frosty told several parents that he was affiliated with the Target Corporation, and that he was going to hire their daughters to shoot a commercial for the chain-store giant.

The kids were supposed to be paid $10,000 apiece, but all they got from Frosty was the big chill.

"Every time it was time for a commercial shoot there was always a different excuse," said Stewart.

And rap is not all Frosty is spinning. One angry mom called Target's headquarters and was told the company "had no affiliations with DJ Frosty" and to contact her local police department.

"He created an email address with the executive of marketing that did not match Target's executive emails," said Stewart.

Police say Frosty is running what's called a "phishing" scam -- that's when a con artist uses corporate websites and logos to swindle unsuspecting individuals.

So Takeisha Stewart, desperate to get her money back, got in touch with Crime Watch Daily New York affiliate WPIX.

WPIX Reporter Howard Thompson tracked Frosty down to the house where Stewart says he was living.

But Frosty gave them the deep freeze. He was actually hiding, holed up in his mother's house.

Now Stewart and the other parents say they have been fleeced for about $2,000. And they're still waiting for their money, but they haven't seen a dime.

"Parents are struggling, working paycheck to paycheck, and he's just taking people's money as if it doesn't bother him," said Stewart.

So far, no charges have been filed against DJ Frosty, leaving his alleged victims out in the cold.