A drive-by shooting on a Cleveland street took the innocent life of a 3-year-old boy named Major Howard in September.

Major, his mother Brittney Anderson, and Dasha Smith were visiting friends on east 113th Street in Cleveland on Sept. 15, 2015, when the shooting broke out. Smith and the toddler were inside a parked car. Smith was shot in the leg, and Major Howard was shot in the chest.

His mother, who was not hit, was standing outside the car. She ran to Major as soon as the shooting stopped.

Neighbors ran for cover as bullets flew, striking their homes and hitting the car.

"When I got out I didn't even see who the shooter was," said neighbor Charlene Johnson. "You know it was just, everything was happening so fast. Then there was a white car that was driving down that way."

Then it was thanks to the kindness of strangers who rushed in and drove them to a hospital emergency room.

But the gunshot wounds were too much for Major's little body to endure. He died at the hospital.

Who killed little Major? Cleveland Police were tight-lipped.

"We do have leads, but we need the public's help in tying those leads together," said Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams.

Soon after the shooting, cops named 22-year-old Donnell Lindsey as a suspect.

UPDATE, Jan 12, 2016: A second suspect was located and arrested on Monday, Jan. 11, 2016.