By Mario Sevilla, KRON

ANTIOCH, Calif. -- (KRON) -- A teacher’s aide at an East Bay school serving developmentally disabled students has been in custody after a viral video appears to show her assaulting a 9-year-old Oakland boy.

Kamaljot Kaur, 26, was taken into custody at her home in Antioch.

According to Antioch police, officers on Wednesday morning responded to a child abuse report at the Tobinworld School, located at 2330 Country Hill Drive in Antioch.

“Officers contacted and interviewed school staff members, other student witnesses, and the victim, a 9-year-old resident of Oakland,” police said in a statement.

The victim did not have any visible injuries or complaints of pain, according to police.

“After conducting interviews and reviewing the cell phone recording of the incident, Officers determined that a felony child abuse had occurred,” police said.

The viral video shows two males holding the boy above the floor, a woman then walks up to the child and purportedly strikes him on the side of the head. The video later appears to show the woman pushing the boy to the floor.

The clip ends with the boy standing behind a chair while the two bigger males laugh, one of them falling to the floor.

In statement released by school officials, they say that police are investigating the incident at the Tobinworld School, located at 2330 Country Hill Dr. in Antioch.

An official with the Antioch Unified School District said that a support team was sent to the school to talk with students and parents.

Tobinworld is a non-profit school for children and young adults with behavior problems, according to its website. “Typically students have been classified as severely emotionally disabled, autistic or developmentally disabled,” their site says.

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