A big development in a Crime Watch Daily exclusive investigation into the suspected serial killer known as the "Zombie Hunter."

Bryan Patrick Miller is accused of killing two Phoenix women more than two decades ago.

In a Crime Watch Daily interview, Miller's ex-wife said she believed there may be more victims that we hadn't heard about. Now police are releasing new details that all but confirm those suspicions.

A 13-year-old girl raising money for her school knocks on the wrong door, and Brandy Myers is never seen again

Now, 23 years later, police believe that's because the man who answered the door may have been Miller, also known as the "Zombie Hunter" and the alleged "Canal Murderer" who held Phoenix, Arizona in the grip of fear for 22 years.

"I will tell you that he is a very strong investigative lead in the investigation," said Phoenix Police Sgt. Trent Crump.

And the Phoenix Police Dept. revealed to Crime Watch Daily that it has already submitted a charge of first-degree murder against Miller in Brandy Myers's tragic missing person's case.

"After the review of those charges the county attorney asked for additional information or further follow-up investigation from our investigators at this point," said Crump.

A key part of the police evidence came from Miller's ex-wife, Amy, who told Crime Watch Daily that he had confessed to her in horrific detail how he murdered Brandy Myers.

"I don't think there's any doubt that the charging that was brought forward here from his ex-wife was helpful," said Sgt. Crump. "It is certainly part of the evidence we were looking at in this case."

Amy had told police the very same story on the very same day she spoke to Crime Watch Daily in an exclusive interview during our recent investigation into the "canal murders."

"He said he had grabbed her and dragged her in the house," said Amy.

Crime Watch Daily agreed not to air the story of Miller's alleged murder of Brandy Myers until police could further investigate it.

"At the time I truly believed he was just making up a story," said Amy.

But now Amy -- and the police -- think Bryan Patrick Miller may have been telling the horrible truth.

"Not only did they live in the same neighborhood, but we have information from the day of her disappearance that she was working the area where Bryan Miller lived while she was out trying to raise money, book club money I think it was, at the time," said Crump.