UPDATE August 23, 2018:

Six years after Hannah Truelove was killed near her Gainesville home, the detective who first worked the case is still searching for justice, WXIA-TV reports.

November 9, 2015:

Hannah Truelove, 16 years old, had the entire world in front her.

She was just learning how to drive, and had dreams of one day becoming a veterinarian.

But instead the young Georgia teen suffered a horrible death.

Hannah's family is convinced she knew who the killer or killers were.

After Hannah's mother reported her missing after not coming home for hours, cops searched the large apartment complex and surrounding neighborhood. There was no trace of Hannah.

Later that night, an ominous storm passed over Gainesville.

The next day, an elderly man was taking a sunset stroll not far from Lake Lanier. He made a gruesome discovery.

Hannah Truelove had been found only a quarter-mile from her home, directly behind the apartment complex. She had been stabbed to death multiple times.

Unfortunately any clues at the crime scene that could have lead to the killer's identity had been destroyed by mother nature the night before.

The police now focused their attention on some chilling messages Hannah left on Twitter. Was it a cry for help?

"The social media messages that Hannah posted about a stalker were an obvious concern for us," said Hall County Sheriff's Sgt. Dan Franklin. "The stalker was a guy that was interested in her that she was not interested in. He was interviewed and cleared."

To help solve this tragic crime, police are now offering a $5,000 reward, hoping someone will finally come forward with information to catch Hannah's killer or killers.

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