A mother drops off her children before heading to class at Wayne State University. That was Tiane Brown's normal routine, until the night she was murdered in Detroit.

Tiane Brown grew up with her mother Sheryl and her brother Dante in Detroit.

At 33, Brown's commitment to education and a bright future was crystal clear. She already had a biological sciences degree, an MBA, another masters in biomedical engineering -- and she was in her third year of law school at Wayne State University.

Brown was also a single mother of three girls, ages 14, 8 and 18 months. Life was hectic, but Brown was driven.

Late on a Monday afternoon, Brown left her daughters at her mother's suburban home, just west of the city. This was Brown's routine on the nights she went to class.

Wednesday morning, two homeless men led police to a horrifying discovery: Brown's car was hidden behind some trees in a vacant lot. She was slumped over, her seatbelt still fastened. She'd been shot once in the head.

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