Who killed Ashley Okland?

Okland had a successful real estate career, friends everywhere and a loving family who adored her. But her bright light was snuffed out when a monster gunned her down execution-style.

Ashley Okland was scheduled to show a model townhouse in a new development in West Des Moines, Iowa.

Someone next door heard a loud commotion, then two gunshots. Okland was shot in the head and chest. She was found on the floor, bleeding to death. Paramedics rushed her to the hospital, but it was too late. She died in the emergency room.

Cops are baffled. Okland didn't appear to have any enemies. So what's the motive for murder?

Police are asking: Was it a friend, a co-worker, a competitor, an irate buyer or seller?

West Des Moines Police Sergeant Brent Kock says the case is far from cold, with two detectives working full time. They've received nearly 800 leads and interviewed 600 people.

So far the only real clue is a black Cadillac Escalade spotted at the crime scene around the time the murder occurred.

Sergeant Kock says he believes this was no random murder.

There's a $150,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of Ashley Okland's killer.

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