Ohio driver caught on camera admits to DUI
WXIX/Sam Haynes
Sandra Haa

via WXIX:

CINCINNATI -- (WXIX) -- The woman caught driving on camera driving erratically on Interstate 275 admitted to driving under the influence of heroin and meth Wednesday.

Sandra Harris, 43, of Mount Orab, pleaded guilty to the OVI charges after her actions were caught on camera by Sam Haynes on Aug. 24.

In the video, Harris is seen driving into the grassy median, Haynes eventually screamed for her to stop and pulled over in front of the vehicle. The Facebook had been shared over 11,500 times and had over 526,000 views.

WATCH FRIDAY, 10/16/15: Sam Haynes, who recorded the video (watch below), discusses the incident on Crime Watch Daily. Check your local listings.

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