UPDATE May 1, 2017: David Wise arrested, charged with one count of voyeurism and 19 felony counts of attempted voyeurism.

David Wise, convicted of drugging his wife and recording himself sexually assaulting her, is back in the headlines after being busted for another alleged crime caught on video.

The Indianapolis man is now back in trouble with the law and his cellphone and the disgusting images on it will be the main piece of evidence against him.

David Wise was arrested again on Feb. 12, 2017.

Wise was first introduced to handcuffs six years ago [see story below] when his then wife Mandy decided to go through his phone. She watched in horror as she opens up video after video of her being sexually assaulted by her own husband. All of the disgusting and deplorable acts happened while she was in a deep sleep induced by pills he's been secretly feeding her.

Mandy files for divorce and reports David Wise to Indianapolis Police. The case goes to trial, and the jury convicts Wise on six felony counts including rape and criminal deviant conduct.

But then a shocker: Even though Wise faces 120 years behind bars, the judge only gives him 20, with 12 years suspended and Wise to serve the remaining eight years under house arrest.

Flash forward two years. Wise is allowed work release and he gets a job at a local grocery store and trouble follows him.

Police respond to a disturbance call at a supermarket. A man tells officers while he was using the unisex restroom at the store, he noticed a small recording device under the sink. According to court documents the device turns out to be a smartphone that was partially concealed by toilet paper. David Wise says it's his phone, claiming he accidently dropped it behind the sink.

The man says he then begins to look through the phone when he noticed a 19-minute-long video that recorded the toilet. The store manager tells police Wise was hired to just cleaning floors but three months ago Wise began cleaning the restrooms every day before his shift -- which was not his responsibility.

Wise was arrested and charged with one count of voyeurism and 19 felony counts of attempted voyeurism.

"There's something seriously wrong with someone who feels like they need to constantly violate somebody in their most vulnerable position," said ex-wife Mandy.

Mandy says she will be at all of the court hearings moving forward and will do everything she can do to help put wise where she believes he deserved to be in the first place.

"Ultimately I think David needs to spend some time in prison," said Mandy. "There is definitely something wrong with this man. He does not belong on the streets."

October 12, 2015:

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