New crime-fighting bloodhound puppies have names!
Sassy (L) and Ranger (R) from the ALIE Foundation

We asked for your input, and you answered the call.

The choices:

  • Sawyer
  • Chopper
  • Blazer
  • Hunter
  • Gotcha

And the winning names are: Sawyer and Hunter!

Two new bloodhound puppies from the ALIE Foundation needed names, and you helped!

The dogs are trained to assist police agencies across the country in finding abducted children.

Here's the first pup, Hunter, from Texas:

Texas Hound.jpg

ALIE Foundation

ALIE Foundation

Here's the second pup, Sawyer, from Tennessee:

Tennessee Hound.jpg

An update on Hunter:

Our friends at ALIE Foundation presented Hunter to the District Court in Rockcastle County, KY January 11th, when he was assigned to a caregiver and trainer, Deputy Tony Bullock. Hunter's caretakers say he should be able to work his first case within six months of training.

Check out the latest pictures of Hunter below!

Hunter ALIE Foundation

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