Selfie goes viral following traffic stop
WXIN: "Once I realized he was going to use it for good... I immediately said yes," Trooper Cosgrove said.

via WXIN:

MUNCIE, Ind. -- (WXIN) -- A Muncie man and Indiana State Trooper shared their story with FOX59 about the moments leading up to taking a selfie that has gone viral.

The post has been shared from Greg Barnes' Facebook page more than 50,000 times. Barnes said he was coming home from work on September 18 when Indiana State Police Trooper Shawn Cosgrove pulled him over for speeding.

"I knew I was speeding when officer Cosgrove pulled up behind me. I immediately knew I was in the wrong, so I started slowing down," Barnes said.

Trooper Cosgrove clocked Barnes doing 71 mph in a 55 mph zone. Barnes said he was in a hurry to get home from work because his family was moving out of their Muncie home.

What happened next is what both Barnes and Trooper Cosgrove said led up to the selfie. Both men asked each other about their days and were respectful and kind to one another.

“I was raised to show respect to everyone and being an officer of the law or someone or meet on the street, you show respect to get respect back," Barnes said.

It was that respect that landed Barnes with a warning instead of a speeding ticket. Barnes was planning to speak to young children about showing kindness. He asked Trooper Cosgrove to take a selfie with him showing a positive outcome to sometimes negative attention from traffic stops circulating around race relations among officers and civilians.

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