'Sumo wrestler wrecked my apartment, held me captive': Texas woman
Atilla Charles (Photo: AP)

A Texas sumo wrestler is facing kidnapping charges for allegedly holding a woman captive while searching for car keys in her residence in 2010.

Atilla Charles, 35, is accused of storming into a woman's apartment with his wife to look for keys to a vehicle they lent to a friend of the victim's, the New York Daily News reports.

  • Charles allegedly kept the woman in the apartment for three hours while he tore up the place looking for the keys.

  • Charles allegedly ordered his wife to "perform an invasive search" of the woman's body to find the keys.

  • The wife said she followed the order because she was afraid of Charles, a 6-foot-3-inch-tall wrestler and former Kansas City Chief football player who weighs more than 300 pounds.

Charles's wife finally came forward recently about the incident. Charles has been charged with aggravated kidnapping.

SOURCE: New York Daily News, Daily Mail