'Nonviolent' inmate captured, accused of commiting murder during 24-hour escape
Robert Crissman (Photo: WPMT-TV)

Robert Crissman was serving time in the Armstrong County Jail in western Pennsylvania for nonviolent offenses.

Crissman was delivering breakfast trays on the morning of July 30, according to the Armstrong County District Attorney, when he escaped and walked to a house within sight of the jail.

Crissman reportedly knew at least one of the residents, and he was allowed into the residence voluntarily, the D.A. said. Crissman allegedly beat and and strangled one of the residents, 55-year-old Tammy Long. He allegedly stole a truck from the property.

  • Crissman never got more than 12 miles from the jail, according to authorities. Early Friday morning police began to receive reports of an abandoned truck matching the description of the stolen vehicle; others reported seeing a man matching Crissman's description on foot carrying a gas can.

  • Crissman was reportedly in jail for probation violation related to a drug charge.

  • An area woman called 911 after a man she recognized as Crissman knocked on her door, asking for help.

  • Crissman allegedly stole another vehicle and led police on a pursuit. He was captured after he tried to ram a police car and lost control of his vehicle.

Crissman has been charged with murder, theft of a gun, theft of two trucks and a TV set, and aggravated assault on a police officer.