Headless torso found days after severed limbs discovered
New Haven Police
Ray Roberson

Acting on a tip, police found a human torso Thursday in an abandoned building in New Haven, Conn., two weeks after discovering severed legs and arms in the area.

Searching with a cadaver dog, police found the headless torso hidden in an abandoned building. Police were investigating a homicide spurred by the discovery of severed legs belonging to a homeless man found in dense shrubbery in the same area on July 15; later on July 15, severed arms were found at a separate outdoor location.

  • The legs were found unwrapped and uncovered, with socks but no shoes on the feet, located by homeless encampments near train tracks. The legs matched DNA from area transient Ray Roberson, 54, who hasn't been seen alive since May 20.

  • A medical examination determined the legs had been severed about a week prior to their discovery.

  • Two arms were found later on July 15 in a plastic bag under a bridge blocks away from where the legs were discovered. There were no hands attached to the arms.

  • Police interviewed homeless people in the area, which led them to investigate a vacant Salvation Army building; the torso was found "hidden" on Thursday in an adjacent abandoned building reportedly used by transients as a place to sleep.

  • Police said it was not likely the dismemberment took place in the building.




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